1. what is it like in alaska for nurses???does anyone know?? im curious !!are there rns and lpns ?? i here its beautiful there...please let me know!!
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  3. by   theboss
    i recieved an email with no way to reply.this was an invite to contact a nurse in alaska if you read this email again with a email address thanks
  4. by   journeyy
    I found an interesting nursing site designed by an Alaskan RN. His name is Kevin McFly.
    He offers nursing math problems each day for students, but, would probably be a wonderful source of information about Alaska. He also offers an Alaska screensaver. His mail address is : Math_a_day@nursing
    or you could find him under
    good luck
  5. by   theboss
    thanks journey! im now in contact with alaska..
  6. by   buckboomer
    Hey Boss, I reckon you will be disappointed when you see the cost for a nursing license in Alaska. I applied for one about 5 years ago, 250.00, no fooling. I also needed references. Most hospitals have their own websites, which include pictures of the facility, and some of surrounding beauty. The wages are poor, IMHO. I visited Ketchikan last summer, and visited the hospital there. It looked better on the net. The weather during June was wet rainy, and very cool. Ketchikan has 270 days of precipitation. I saw daylight for >18 hours, and never saw the sun. For a week on a cruise, I enjoyed the beauty, but NOT the weather. Winter must be hell. Now I know why chem dep is such a big deal there. Plan carefully, and research as best you can. I would be suprised if you went there for the money or opportunities. Try the Alaskan Extra Special Bitter. What out for bear scat!