nursing home-hospital?

  1. I was wondering what would be better. To work at a nursing home or a hospital? What are the pros and cons of them? Also do all RN's are the boss and the leader? Or is there always an RN who is in control with the other RN's.
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  3. by   ilostu12
    Good question......

    I'm sure as there are more posts to this question, you'll see the pros and cons are pretty much the same for each. Like the challenge of your job, learning new skills, the great pt's you'll meet. Working short staffed, underpaid, so much paper work, etc. It's really what you make of it and if it is a field of nursing you want to be in. If you like where your at and your job, then you'll notice more pros. On the other hand, if your not happy there or you don't like being a nurse, then the cons are real big.

    As for the RN part, that is really going to depend on the facility and its staffing. In LTC an LPN/LVN is often the charge nurse or supervisor. If there is an RN on the floor, then of course the RN is the supervisor (and then again I've seen an LPN as supervisor and in charge of the RN...go figure). If there is more than one RN or several RN's then yeah, there is a RN in charge of the others. Something like a unit manager or the like. Then of course there is the DON, who is incharge of ALL the nurses and the facility. As for the hospital enviroment, I would only be guessing and I'm sure others will be able to answer that question