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  1. Hey!

    FYI. student in school working for a Microbiology bs and then bsn, and eventually i wanna be a NP.

    I love science and nursing related topics, im unfathomably facinated by things that are likely trivial as a whole, ie preping ivs and inserting them(i can read the insertion tip threads for hours haha) and i wanted some info on books on nursing skills.

    Like if someone has a broken arm, what do i do step by step. I know all this is covered in nursing school, but thats at least 3 years away and i wanna know it all now haha.

    Also any tips on books for science and what not, i looked over the library and bookstores but i cant find much thats current. Id like some online guides but all i have found is online schools lol.

    Oh! any magazines that are nursing or allied health related?

    Thanks for the help,
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