Nursing Education/Med Ctr. Partnerships

  1. Our school has been approached by a medical center interested in offering tuition reimbursement for our nurses in exchange for a work commitment. I would like to identify other schools that have such a partnership, and dialogue with them about the advantages, disadvantages, etc. Can you help me find such school/medical center partnerhips? Thanks!
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  3. by   teresab_2000
    Hi, I am only a first year nursing student, but I am transferring from my current school and was looking at a number of different nursing programs. I live in Connecticut and a hospital that is right near my home (Bridgeport Hospital) has a tuition reimbursment if your go through their hospital program and agree to work with them for two years. They have a 2 year program thats one of the best in Connecticut. Sorry I couldn't help more. Hope this helps!!