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  1. Can any of you help me find better sites where i can read about the Past and Present Nursing Education History, (better if tackles about the curriculum itself)

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  3. by   krisssy
    I just read two books about the history of nursing that were fantastic. I sent away for one book on the website, and they sent me two books. (hardcovered)

    Look under The Sinai Nurse to get to the website. The hardcovered book is $24.00, but they send you two books as I said. One book is called The Sinai Nurse and the other is called The Forty seven Hundred. In telling about the history of the Mount Sinai Hospital in N.Y. (1852-2000), they also explain about Florence Nightingale and how nurse's training schools started in Europe. The Forty Seven Hundred actually gives the changing curriculums in the appendix.

    I have learned so much. Did you know that there was a course called "Leeches" where a nurse learned how to stop bleeding with leeches. Did you know that doctors taught most of the courses at bedside, because there were no trained nurses? It is just so fascinating.

    If anyone else can suggest books, it would be great. You get a whole different outlook. Krisssy If you can't find the book, let me know, and I will get you the exact website.
  4. by   GoddessRaine
    Hmm... Good for you you have the finance resources to buy the book... lol...

    as for me... in truth, (as to mention if i have to buy all the books that i may need for my thesis) i can't afford one... can you help me with those sites readily accessible in the internet?

    any one please??
  5. by   llg
    You will probably have the best success with accessing a good library. You may not have the money to buy the books, but libraries lend them for free.

  6. by   krisssy
    If you go to Amazon .com, you can get the books for practically nothing as used books. Also, I would check the library as was already suggested. The books weren't recently written and should be in the library. I would be happy to send you a used copy of the Forty Seven Hundred if you want to give me your address. You can PM me. Krisssy As I said , it actually lists the curriculums in the different years at that school. I hope you have your thesis published. I find the history of nursing so interesting. Krisssy