Nursing Changes Since the 80s? - page 2

I originally entered college for my nursing degree in the late 80s, changed majors due to all the negative I received from those around me, and now changed careers to go back to school for nursing. ... Read More

  1. by   canadiannurse21
    Well, although it is true that professionalism has decreased, I have talked to alot of nurses who have trained many years ago, and they seem to think that way too much emphasis was put on how to act rather than how to heal.
    I think that new age diagnostics are necessary and beneficial, i'm sorry, but I dont personally feel how they are a negative thing.
    As for caps, I do agree that there must have been quite a feeling of prestige when you were capped. I think that wearing a hat (and I have also been told this), is impractical and would probobly get in the way. But I think there should be some "way" of knowing who are the nurses, and who are the maintanance (sp) staff, LOL.
    Regardless, nursing is a rewarding profession to get into--but alot of the time you have to look hard for the positives. The responsibility and legal implications especially are horrendous.
    Just look deep inside yourself, and decide what you want to do, ok?
    Good luck