Nursing Care Plan Books

  1. I'm looking for Care Plan books or CDs to buy. If you have any old ones your willing to part with for free or at a low cost(I'll pay shipping), please email me!!!

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  3. by   Agnus
    I sold books that were still current edition, and donated ones that were not, to my school after I graduated. I found Amazon.Com has an amazing number of nursing books sometimes at reduced cost. Also sometimes I have found just the nursing book I was looking for on their auction. Check directly with publishers; sometimes they offer them cheaper. Barns an Noble supplies books to many college stores, and are available online.

    You might try going in with another student to purchase one. See if you can find a grad who still has a book you could borrow or buy.

    Your school library should have some and if not look at libraries from other nearby schools. You can get a book on inter-library loan. If you do this through your school library you can often keep it a bit longer, or at least have better renewal privileges, because you are a student there.
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