Nursing about the Hunt syndrome

  1. How do you nurse the patient who is ill with the Hunt syndrome ?
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  3. by   willie2001
    ??? Are you asking about Huntington's disease?
  4. by   Franca

    I entered the keywords: Hunt syndrome in the search field at ( is a search engine) and found two types of "Hunt syndrome."

    1. "Ramsay Hunt syndrome is a disorder occurring when herpes zoster lesions affect the nerves of the ear causing facial paralysis and a rash either in the ear, tongue or hard palate." (found at , from the search.)

    2. Tolosa-Hunt syndrome: "Painful ophthalmoplegia (paralysis of the muscles that move the eyes) resulting from an indolent granuloma (inflammatory lesion) of the anterior cavernous sinus, superior orbital fissure, and orbital apex." (found at , from the search.)

    The Web site references from the Google search [ ] might help you a little with your question; but, tell the nurses here which Hunt syndrome you are asking about and they'll help. Or, let them know if the disease is Huntington's. has a very helpful community of nurses. (I'm a nurse wannabe--I'd like to help you, but I can't. However, I'd like to learn from the responses.)