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Just curious if there are any nurses out there who have ADHD/ADD and how it affects your duties. Does it make it difficult? Are there positive aspects? Does anyone feel that a person with ADHD is... Read More

  1. by   pooshkie
    Hi , I wad dxd with ADD without hyperactivity five years ago. I've not experienced the problems with tests, I mean i can concentrate enough to ace exams. I 've found that it really helps multitasking, but I sometimes have trouble setting priorities, and i get behind because of so many things I have going on. I have to keep a check on impulsiveness. Tend to jump into new experiences with alot of enthusiasm. I've learned to stop and catch my breath and think of what i need to get the task done right the first time. This really helps in nursing responsibilities. Also, ditto on the sticky notes. I usually put them up on my bathroom mirror, to be sure to see them, and I also keep a day timer, and refer to it often. This really helps too; check it off as I go.

    I tried Ritalin, made me too sleepy, so I tried Adderal, took away my appetite and interfered with sleep so I stopped taking it. I now tale Paxil, and it works for me. Helps with focus and organization. I also drink alot of coffee and water. This has really helped also.

    You know, people with Add/ADHD are usually very intelligent!

    I hope this helps and hang in there, sounds like you are going to make a terrific nurse! God Bless, Pooshkie
  2. by   pooshkie
    Good Morning, Just wanted to add that multi vits and a trace mineral supplement work very well. If it's not contraindicated for you, try More Than A Multiple; you can find it in the better health food stores. Also take a good trace mineral supplement. These two things together make your hair and skin glow, and will help you feel better inside as well. Also , take a good vit. c supplement; really helps with calmness and focus; in addition to the others I mentioned.
    God Bless, Pooshkie