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:uhoh3: Just got off duty and wondered if any other nurses could possibly feel the way I do. I returned to nursing after taking a hiatus of quite some years. I've worked hard to build my skills and... Read More

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    To the OP: hang in there and don't let the turkeys get you down! I was out with injuries for awhile and know what you are experiencing.

    Regarding Benner's point that a mark of an expert is recognizing the need for change to the situation....I wish she would add 'If it ain't broke don't fix it" some emphasis on IS there really a need? Too many managers feel they must make CONSTANT change frequent we cannot get a handle...weekly paperwork and policy changes. Perhaps they fear being labeled a novice vs 'expert' if they cannot force constant numerous changes. Constant change causes turmoil....and this is my work environment, sadly. I know some bully managers who seem to use Benner's concept as a weapon..."staff nurses who resent change must not be high on Benners scale." Also I feel staff may not speak up because they feel it lowers them on the scale....they are 'inflexible' thus close to novice.

    I know some changes ARE good and necessary (and I support those 100%) but I am one nurse who wonders why we must work in such chaos...sometimes it seems we are just jumping through hoops so the latest manager can justify her salary and look like she is 'doing something'.

    I totally agree there are lots of ways to fry a fish and am comfortable in adapting my practice, which I know is Benner's main point regarding our evolution. These same managers who laud flexibility to change and expect it of their staff daily might be wise to examine their OWN they sure do want things done THEIR way...LOL.
    Thank you Matts Mom,

    Like many responses I've received, yours gives food for thought. I just wonder how many times the ones who are in the expert league, struggle to stay one step ahead of others. Seems like a lot of extra work to me
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    Marty 1,

    Glad you reponded to my posting. I could relate so much of what your message reply indicated. I have also relocated across the nation to a whole new culture and have worked hard to build new friendships, work relations, and just generally tried to fit in. I have a feeling that this is part of what is making me feel less confident all the way around.
    I just wanted to thank you for your vote of confidence
    I just relocated from Southern Cal to Northern cal
    I can't imagine a whole nation apart
    You are right its EXACTLY why you feel less confident
    despite the arrows , you know you have worked hard to get where
    you are ,and will continue to , amidst the sillyness around you