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  1. I can not understand why the networks,60 minutes,or dateline dont't talk about the nurseing shortage more. They seem to be clueless as to what is really happening. I heard on one local newscast that the reporter thought nurse's assistants just passed water or made beds. How ignorant can one be? It's the tecknical work of the RN's that they are now being made to do. That is what is happening and that is real news.
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  3. by   Mijourney
    Hi catherine. I believe there are a fair amount of articles in the print media about the nursing shortage. In my opinion, major AV media doesn't give it near enough press time, because nurses are not perceived to be aggressive like some unionized workers such as airline pilots or even teachers. I believe if bedside nurses in right to work states where most of the employment is at will went on strike, there would be alot of AV media coverage. Striking in one of these states would be like committing the ultimate sin against corporate America and the government.

    Our image as nurses, techs, CNAs, etc. will only improve if we're proactive about how we relate our work to others.