Nurse with spouse in nursing school?

  1. My husband is in an RN program and is now in his 2nd Quarter of nursing school.

    I find myself feeling the same things that I felt when I went to nursing school myself and I think it's causing me more stress than when I was in school myself.

    On the one hand, I want to see him do well and enjoy the fact that he scores really high on exams and is in the top of his class in his science and nursing theory classes. However, he is not doing so hot in clinicals now that he is finished with the very basic nursing clinicals and has moved on to having to having to do more in depth care plans. On the other hand, I feel like I'm a walking Tabers and wish that I would have had me around when I was going to nursing school.

    Any constructive input out there from someone who has been in my Crocks?

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  3. by   JoMark06
    I was on the flip side of this (I was the nursing student with husband who is a nurse). I can tell you this much from my husband was a more valuable resource than ANY nursing book. He provided encouragement when I was struggling with the stress of an acclerated program. He provided feed back on my care plans without giving me the answers. He was a great sounding board. I don't think I could have done it without him and I hope that I let him know every day what a treasure he is then and still is in my nursing career today.

    I know it can be stressful watching someone else go through nursing school after having lived it yourself. But since you didn't have a "you" to help you through it all, take advantage of this opportunity to use your nurse mentoring skills in a very relaxed environment...give him some constructive guidance, show him other ways to look at things as he develops his care plans, be that non-critical sounding board as he talks his way through what he's learning.

    And make sure he takes you out and treats you to some non-nursing school related good times!
  4. by   fathertod
    Well as long as your not getting too jealous about all the girls that he is constantly around it seems like you are being supportive enough of his goals like he was supportive of yours and you should be congratulated.