Nurse with Green Card-=love to work in US. Can I now????

  1. Hi all,

    I only graduated in September (2003). I trained in Ireland.
    I am currently studying (part-time) for Bachelor of Science (BSc) Degree in Nursing Studies and will finish (God willing) in May. So then I will be a Registered General Nurse (RGN) with a BSc.
    After I qualified I worked in the area of Intellectual Disabilities for 3 months.
    I am now working, nearly 3 months) in a VERY busy acute surgical ward in a VERY VERY busy city centre Hospital in Dublin.
    I have a green card, so I can legally live and work in the US. I also have an Aunt (American citizen) who lives in New Mexico.

    You see the problem here in Ireland, especially in Dublin, is the coast of living and the cost of housing, it's crazy!!!!! At present I rent 1 double room in a house and it costs 450 euro per month or $552 per month, (1 euro = 1 dollar and 23c.)
    The salary for a new graduate for the first year is 26,750 euro or $32,830.
    How does that compare with the US salary for a new graduate????????

    So, Not only because of the monetary reasons but also because I would like to work in the US I wonder is there any Hospital/nursing agency etc who will take me now??????

    ANYONE have ANY advice, contacts, etc etc
    ANYTHING greatly appreciated.


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  3. by   AlaskaKat
    I'm not sure but I think if you have finished school and can work as an RN and have your green card all you need to do is pass our licensing exam to get your RN license in New Mexico. Then I'm sure you could get a job. Contact the New MExico Board of Nursing for more information:

    New Mexico Board of Nursing
    4206 Louisiana NE Suite A
    Albuquerque, NM 87109
    (505) 841-8340