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I work 2nd and 3rd shift in a LTC hospital. Am I way out of line for asking for another nurse at night when I have 37 patients and only one is self care? I am so busy at night that I haven't had a... Read More

  1. by   AllSmiles225
    I have a 60 patient med pass in a LTC facility.. im not responsible for any charting/paperwork..just passing meds but still--its virtually impossible to get it all done if there is a "wrench" in your night at lucky if the supervisor comes up to do the assessment on the new admit..
  2. by   trushlow
    I work nights. I currently have 47 pts with a max of 51. 1 trach and 4 g-tubes. All the g-tubes get their am meds at 6am, about 10 to 20 meds. The LTC facility does the early med pass to avoid state! I also have 18-22 Accu checks to do in the am. And I would say at least 44 pts have meds at 6am. I can't get it done in 2 hrs. I start my med pass at 3:00 am and don't finish untill 7:00 or 7:15. I'm exhausted. I don't feel my pts get the care they deserve. I wish change would come soon. No one seems to care. It's not want I became a nurse for.
  3. by   lizzy84763
    there is no reason for that. unbelievable. There is no way you can give them the best care you can provide, there are too many and not enough hours in the day. There is no reason you should be starting 6am meds that early.
    I think all of us on here understand your frustration but you're right, I don't think anyone who has the power to change things cares. Its not about the patients, its about the money.