nurse back pain/lifting-tranfering patients information needed???

  1. hi, i am a student at Western Michigan working on a design project. the intent is to create a stretcher or moving devise that will move a patient from one bed to another in several situations (i.e. xray, surgery, IC). i need some information that would be greatly appreaciated from you practicing nurses.
    if you could answer some if not all these questions you would greatly help my research for this!

    -How often are you lifting?
    -Does backpain ever bother you?
    -are there enough people to assist in lifting or moving a patient?
    -have you ever ran into a situation where there was a problem from moving a -patient? -for you? for the patient?
    -do you use any techniques/shortcuts to move someone?
    -for current market products(beds, stretchers) is there anything that you notice that you could improve upon?
    -What is the best technique that you have found to move a patient?
    -how many times do you do this a day?
    -have you know anyone that has had to take off work from back pain?
    -are there any other problem that occur or get noticed when moving someone?
    -also, if you have any ideas or other info that could be useful?

    your help is much appreciated

    -thank you-

    western michigan design team
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