NRP 6th or 7th For RNC?

  1. I have been working my first nursing job in a level III NICU for 2 years. I plan to enter an online RN to MSN program in a year. Before I do that, I'd really like to get my RNC.

    Rather than taking practice tests and studying on just my weak points, I am studying every single subject on the test outline. I am currently going down the list of subjects and making notes in a way that is very easy for me to review. It seems figuring out exactly what I want to study takes the most time.

    So far I have Mernenstein&Gardner, STABLE learner, STABLE Cardiac and assessment books. I plan on using Watson, Roglet&Brorsen. I also have printed slides that were material required for unit testing as part of orientation on Maternal/Fetal and all systems.
    I have access to both recent editions of NRP to borrow from my unit educator, but am trying to decide if I should be studying 6th or 7th in relation to RNC-NIC exam.
    Any recommendations?

    I have mapped out my study time and can seriously to commit to 35 hours a week. I am hoping to be able to test in a year. Any advice would be appreciated!
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  3. by   NicuGal
    NRP doesn't really have too much on the test. Whichever you used for work should be fine. We don't even touch it in our review classes at work.