noxious cleaning solutions used in hospital

  1. i read a thread not that long ago that dealt with this topic. there was a link to a legitimate organization's website that had recommendations regarding cleaning solutions -- walls, floor, etc. used in hospitals -- and that they should not be noxious to health care workers.

    unfortunately i did not book mark the site; and have done an exhaustive search here at ALLNURSES and cannot find the thread. please, help! :redlight:

    had an incident in clinical yesterday in which the floor stripper / wax being used by housekeeping triggered an asthma response and burning eyes and throat. others on the floor also developed symptoms, including nausea! :angryfire we called our employee health nurse who eventually had to come to the unit b/c of all the calls and complaints. this has been an ongoing issue with the director of our housekeeping ("environmental services") department. he is contracted out by the hospital and is not responsive to any requests / complaints / issues taken to him by nursing.

    anyway, if you could help me find that thread or web site -- i would be most grateful!!! :redlight:

    i cannot imagine being a patient with no where to go and having to put up with those smells! :angryfire

    thank you!
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