Noc shift?

  1. I work my very first noc shift tonight. i have no clue what I am supposed to do. i am in LTC BTW. I'm just wondering.
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  3. by   altomga
    What do you mean. Your pt care, being able to stay awake, what?? Or do you just have "the nerves?"
  4. by   rebel_red

    At our facility, on nocs, we make sure our residents are dry, turned and those who require oral care (feeding tubes) are taken care of. We also make sure their rooms are neat and tidy, nothing on the bedside trays. No dinner trays around. Socks are off, pillows under the feet of the residents who need them (we stopped using heelbows.) Bedspreads folded and put away. Wheelchairs away(except for the folks who use them at nocs) We do 3 rounds to check on folks. Right when we come in at 11 (We have permanent assignments so we can start right away.) Second rounds are at 3am and final rounds at 5am. Each of us also bed bathes and dresses anywhere from 2 -4 residents. (I tend to do four because I have two residents that wake early, and are very confused, so it is much easier to assist them, take them to the dining room and set them up with some juice while I finish rounds.) We also stock briefs, change out the trash can liners, stock gloves and pass fresh ice water. We will also stock the treatment room, clean the nutrition room, straighten up the dining rooms etc, and anything else our house sup needs done.

    We have a great aide to resident ratio 1 aide for 11 residents. The most residents we ever take is 15 and that is when one of us has the evening off. Consequently we have a great deal of time to make sure everyone receives optimal care. (With plenty of "down time" leftover.)

    If you have a permanent assignment, you learn everyone's continence "patterns". When our folks are dry at 11 we don't wait till 3am to do rounds, we do them at 2am, because if we waited they would be saturation city....

    Anyhow now I am just babbling! I love working nocs. It is so peaceful. Hope it works for you!

  5. by   tattooednursie
    kool, thanks guys. I guess I am just a bit nervous because I have never done this shift before. I'm actually doing a 12 hour shift. a 7-7 shift. Which reminds me I better get myself ready.