No offense, BUT "allnurses" is loosing it's charm...

  1. I have come across many posts and many members who just make me a little frustated.It's clear that one of the main reasons people participate on this site is to vent about the daily hassels involved in our lives.Fine....But should our venting involve putting other people down, making fun of vulnerable people,talking about patients in a negative manner, etc? To be specific, I just came across a thread regarding ilegal immigrants.The person who posted it remarked that an organ that was given to an illegal immigrant, should have been given to a deserving American Citizen.Now , am I the only one who finds this to be harsh?This is not the 1st and im sure it won't be the last negative post that I will come across on this site.As Nurses, shouldn't we be a bit more compassionate? Humor should be part of our daily lives, but aren't there some things that we just can't laugh and be negative about? It so sad that many of us are supporting these negative posts.Am I the only one who has the courage to speak up ? I have seen so many threads deleted for simple reasons such as , it being duplicated, accidently advertsing something,etc.I have seen threads that have ""hatred" written all over them.Shouldn't they be deleted aswell? Thanks for letting me vent about something that really matters :-)
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