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Our hospital doesn't have a 24 hr Pharmacy yet. Apparently it is difficult to recruit hospital pharmacists when working outside of a hospital is more lucurative. My questions are: Who dispenses... Read More

  1. by   rnin02
    We used to not have pharmacy at night, the nursing supervisor would get any meds we needed that we couldn't get from the pyxis, we would just call her and tell her what we needed. Then for a while we had to fax our orders to a pharmacist, get their approval, and then the nursing supervisor would take our order, do something further in the pharmacy with it and then finally we would get our meds. It took forever, the pharmacist we had to fax was some company we contracted with, half the time we couldn't get thru, it was so slow...but i guess safer in the long run. now we have a pharmacist 24/7, so much better!
  2. by   Bluehair
    I work at a smallish rural hospital. Our pharmacy hours are 7-3:30 or so. At night the supervisor can get some meds if they are not in the accudose (sometimes that just means getting from a different accudose than ours in ICU). No access to narcotics, tho. Pharmacist will come in if it is a med the super has no access to and if it can not wait. We mix our own drips for the most part (such as pressors, etc.). We do not keep any concentrated electrolytes anywhere in the hospital. If there is an order for K+, etc. it comes pre-mixed in a 50 - 100 cc bag in the accudose.