NLN pre-admission exam HELP!!!

  1. HELP, ALL YOU NURSES! After I finish my general courses at college, I will have to take the NLN (National League of Nursing) pre-admission exam before I can be admitted to the nursing program. I know this test contains English, math, and science, but it is the math I'm worried about! Can anyone who has taken this test PLEASE tell me if the math section includes algebra or any advanced math? I am afraid that I will "flunk" the math part and not be able to become a nurse! Any responses about this test would be greatly appreciated! Also, are there any good study books for the test? THANKS A MILLION!!!
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  3. by   Robin61970
    I went to Hastings(book store) and bought a book called Nursing school entrance exams...It is a Barrons book written by Corrine Grimes and Sandra cost me almost $ can also go to Amazon or Barnes and Noble online and check to see what they have.....most book stores will order them for you if you have the name and such...hope I helped
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    Thanks, Robin, for the reply. I have noticed that book before over the Internet and will definitely get it. Have you taken the NLN yet? If so, please let me know what type of math is on there. I would really appreciate any additional info. Thanks Robin and good luck to you in nursing school. I hope to see a reply from you.;->
  5. by   Robin61970
    I haven't even started my prereqs yet,lol...I just wanted to get a jump on things so i could take my time studying for it. The bookstore at my college also has books for the NLN, they are a bit more expensive than on the internet though...will post more as I know