1. I was wondering if anyone else had an "I wish I'd done that differently" experience. I remember a guy running in my triage office c/o headache after lifting something heavy, he was panicky, and I had another pt in the chair so I sent him out. His BP was high & he was diaphoretic. I made him an "orange", high priority, and told the charge RN that this guy is diaphoretic and has a high BP, thinking she may say something. He ended having a bleed and got transferred. I didn't push for him to come back, and maybe it was my lack of experience, but I should have. I didn't go w/ my gut. He waited about 30 minutes before coming back. I don't know how he ultimately made out, but if he died or has residual problems, is it my fault? I feel guilty.
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    Nobody has any advice?
  4. by   vamedic4
    First off...this can be a learning experience. Perhaps you could have alerted other members of your team to help with the new patient as soon as humanly possible, while you continued with the one you already had. Or finish the one you are working with, tell them it'll be a minute..and get that guy to the chair so you can do a thorough assessment..pronto.

    Never be afraid to ask for help (first) and if you don't get what you need and a patient's well being is questionable or compromised...PULL SOMEONE INTO YOUR AREA TO HELP YOU. Your superiors may thank you later ...but whether they do or not, know that you did the best you could for your patient - that's the important part.

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    I was freaked out by the guy running in my office. I thought he was crazy, but then when I assessed him I thought he had high BP from pain, which may be true. I thought he might have pulled something, but seeing him diaphoretic should have set a light off upstairs. I just wonder if the waiting time gave him less of a chance of recovery. He was walking & talking okay, he was just in pain. I don't know.....I feel awful, in hindsight. I wish I could forgive myself.