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I am an LPN (not JUST an LPN either)and I work 7P-7A in a small rehab hospital. In our facility, the RN's get paid more "night shift pay" than the LPN's do and the CNA's have no "night shift pay" at... Read More

  1. by   sandigapeachlpn
    i also work noc shift. we recently were offered diff pay. RN' S make more money per hour than we LPN'S. the absolute worst thing about it is that they did not offer this to the cna's. i happen to have a personal interest in the plight of my fellow co-workers, as my husband is a cna. i will tell you right now, there is nothing that will open your eyes quicker than to be excited about shift diff raise, and then your husband finds out he's not going to get it because he's not a nurse. not only that ; but i am very close to the cna's that i work with, because of my husbands perspective, i work very hard to help them as much as i can. i was so ashamed when my staff realized that they were left out. i was so embarrassed that the administration felt that they were not valuable enough. i think it is ludicrous that is any special pay for your title. The hospital i worked at before had diff across the board for all staff. but to single out the cna's , there is no way i could do my job without them.
  2. by   Alenap
    I agree that everybody working night shift should be getting same % differentials not just RNs. Our hospital is fair to everybody. Everyone RNs, LPNs and CNAs gets 9% differential for 3-11 shift and 13% for 11-7 shift.