New York Presbyterian Pharm, BKAT ED and dysrhythmia Exam-- HELP!

  1. Hi everyone!

    I recently accepted a position at NYP's Columbia campus in the Emergency Room. I'm getting ready to complete all of the "On Boarding" requirements (H&P, drug test, fingerprinting, ID photo.)

    Amongst those items, I have to take THREE exams: Basic Pharm, BKAT-ED, Dysrhythmias.

    has anyone experienced taking the BKAT-ED and dysrhythmia exam for NYP. Any tips or pointers? My offer is contingent on passing these exams and the other requirements listed. TAS told me to follow the study guide, which is fine with pharmacology, but I can't find ANYTHING on the BKAT or dysrhythmia portion.

    Any help will be GREATLY appreciated!

    Thank you! =)
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  3. by   Tab11
    Hi, Did you find anything?
    Whats the study guide?
    Thank you