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hi I've been on orientation for 2 1/2 months , the floor is too fast paced for me,i was think of resigning.if i do, would it be difficult for me to find a job somewhere else at another hospital?... Read More

  1. by   BeHappy!
    I wouldn't worry about finding another job. Most nurses have been through this and know it's about finding the right fit for you. Look into other avenues of nursing and make sure in your next interview not to tell them you don't like a fast paced environment. Anything new is going to be challenging so don't be too hard on yourself.
  2. by   ICRN2008
    I know what you mean about the pace being so fast. I have an especially difficult time in the mornings with 0800 assessents, morning med passes, new orders coming in all the time and patients/parents waking up to ask for things. I just try to keep remembering what one of my coworkers told me- remember that it will all get done.

    Sometimes I feel that my preceptor is expecting me to work faster, but what she really wants me to do is prioritize. If someone asks for a new pillowcase in the middle of my morning rounds, I should ask them to wait a bit instead of running to get it right away. Vitals and meds are much more important.

    I have to consciously slow myself down some days because I find myself looking at the clock and rushing. I almost missed a mistake on one of my MARs the other day because I was trying to go too fast. I keep in mind that making a mistake is worse than running behind schedule.

    Sometimes we make a detour finding our ideal job or career. I am very glad that I switched from working in the lab to nursing, even though there were aspects of my previous career that I enjoyed. Good luck finding your niche.