New MICU FAQ soon, and upcoming plans...

  1. Hello all. A quick message to say that a new file will soon be up on the MICU FAQ file site, at - this time the subject will be "Drug Tips" - not a reference, but a collection of opinions, advice and experiences about many commonly used meds. Should be posted in a week or so - meantime, if anyone has anything relevant to contribute, send it along. (Heck, even if it's not relevant.) If you'd like, we'll give you credit in the text in any way you'd like; no money, just incredible fame...! (grin!)

    Next up should be "Common Bedside Emergencies", but we're also thinking about a new section, tentative name to be "Current Questions". The current question list so far: What are "protective lung strategies?", "What is Xigris?" (isn't that the river next to the Xuphrates?), "What is WPW?" (I think that was the One Big Cardiac Union - but I'm showing my age there...), and some others that I can't recall just now. Then maybe "Acute Coronary Syndromes", but I'm saving that one for when I'm in traction...All the best!
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