New Job Tomorrow Need Your Help!!

  1. Hi everyone! I recently got hired at a caregiver company to do light errands, and provide company and care of the elderly. I am one month away from my CNA lisence (have an A avg. in my class!), have had five or 6 clinicals, am a hospice volunteer, and am going to nursing school in the fall. My question is this; with all the preparation that I've had so far, I still don't feel completely confidant doing CNA duties without my fellow classmates/instructor there to help me, is this unusual? I'm not scared about the psychological aspect of dealing with patients, or giving a bed bath etc., what I am freaked out about is the whole moving/body mechanics thing. I am pretty weak in my upper body strength and always have neck and back pain. In the hospital where we have clinicals and if I need help moving a patient to change a brief, someone is there to help me with the lift sheet or to log roll. But tomorrow, I will be going to this 91 year old man's home and giving a bed bath/changing his briefs. His 80 year old wife will be there, but what if I cannot roll him properly to change him and I put him or myself at risk for injury?! :uhoh21: Should I even be performing these duties not being a liscensed CNA? Can you guys give me some pointers on the best way to change a brief if I have to move someone by myself? Thanks so much as always! xoxo Louisepug :angel2:
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