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    Greetings! I am graduating in May of 2001 with a BSN from Salem State College, located on the North Shore of Boston, Massachusetts. I am willing to relocate, with my top two areas of choice being California or South Carolina. This posting is an attempt to explore what my options are as a new graduate, although my interest is particularly in the speciality of intensive/critical care. Due to the high demand for registered nurses in the Boston area, new grads are able to begin their nursing careers in their desired specialties. Does this hold true in other areas of the country? I plan to attend graduate school in a Nurse Practitioner program once I have acquired sufficient experience as a registered nurse. Any recommendations of hospitals that offer packages that will cover the cost of graduate school? I am seeking a full time, permanent staff nurse position (preferrably in an ICU setting), that offers tuition reimbursement. I am flexible as to when I can start employment upon passing the State Board Exam. If anyone can share any guidance or offers, I would appreciate it. Thank-you for your time and I hope to receive a response in the near future.
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