New graduate decisions

  1. Wow...what an exciting time for new graduates. SO many oppotunities that I don't even know where to start! Whether or not to stay in state is the primary one. There is a wonderful little facility out in a town called Lakeport CA that is anxious to take me on as a per diem nurse in their Family Birthing Center... relocate for a per diem position? That seems like a far cry, but the recruiter swears that I would have a FT position within a month. Has anyone worked for the Sutter Healthcare group in California? The recruiter seems to be very much an advocate for the group , as well as the hospital. But the hospital is only with 69 beds, and they deliver less than a baby a day. Not what i would call the best learning experience for a new grad, wouldn't ya say? Well what DO you say to that as a new grad?? HELP!
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  3. by   NurzofFaith
    I will be graduating in May. I have also been preparing to take my first
    job, but with caution. I think before I decide on any position I want to
    weigh my options..and there are SO many!! We certainly are graduating
    at a good time!

    I have toured 3 hospitals, and have also considered those I have had
    clinicals in. I've got it narrowed down to 3 areas of interest so I am mainly
    looking for job opportunities that incorporate an internship/fellowship. I sat down with a classmate and we comprised a list of questions we ask at each facility during our tours, the neat thing is, my important strengths are different than my friend so we get a nice variation of answers!

    Out of all this I have managed to get a shadowing opportunity, upon completing this 6 hours shadow I have been given the option to interview and if I decide its not for me, I have learned something

    I would suggest caution in taking any job, sight unseen. It was my understanding that per diem jobs werent offered to new grads or required experience, maybe that has changed. No matter what you choose, know what is important to you (benefits, hours, orientation) and stick to it! Also be reality based and ask a lot of questions!!

    Congrats on your upcoming graduation! I am counting down those last 10 weeks too

  4. by   joyrochelle
    I am so excited! scared, yet very excited to be designated as a functioning adult, not just "one of those student nurses/externs". As far as that per diem thing, i was also a bit suprised at that. actually i have been suprised at the entire prospect, but i guess when there's a shortage, ...i guess? i am very leery nonetheless. ANyway, i have certainly narrowed my scope of interest to L&D, NICU and postpartum...I have been working in those areas for the last year as an extern and learning i really want to continue with those areas. the hospital I am at right now offered me a position in NICU as a GN/RN,but i would much rather work in L&D, so that's why i was lookign out of state. I am too stubborn to work in med/surg the first year out, knowing that i want nursing in women's health. so what areas are you looking towards? as far as benefits, and PTO and all, i have ZERO clue what to ask.
  5. by   NurzofFaith
    I have also worked for the last 4 years on a cardiac step down floor,
    I learned so very much there but dont want to be there as a new grad,
    d/t to the floor morale, etc.

    I actually have had 2-3 interests throughout school, ICU, OR and NICU.
    I want some floor experience before going into the OR setting,
    so that is on the back burner. But I have been touring other hospitals
    that offer ICU and NICU internships for new grads. I'm interviewing next
    month and shadowing, I really hope this gives me a better look into the
    speciality and then I can go from there!

    As far as what to ask, it differs for us all but I can share some of what we seem to ask at each tour!

    What type of orientation do they offer? How long is it? If you dont feel ready will they extend the orientation. Is there clinical and class work during this orientation time? Will you be with one or more preceptors?

    What's the nurse to patient ratio? What shifts are offered? What is considered fulltime/parttime?

    What educational benefits does the facility offer? and do they encourage further education degree wise and CEU wise?

    I also ask about the turn over on the floor, if there is a high turn over I ask what was the reason?

    All the facilities have been up front and welcomed our questions thus far!
    I want to be smart about taking any job, and the hospitals seem willing to share this information

    I usually dont ask about pay during the tour, yes it is important, but if we get into the interview I can ask then. Most of the places we have been have given us a wage/benefit folder anyway!

    There are more questions I ask but these are some of the main ones..hope this helps you and anyone else a little!!

    Best of luck!

    P.S. For those of you with to share any other questions you think are important for a new grad to ask while touring/interviewing?
    ~Thanks in advance!