New grad needing advice on relocating to California

  1. I will graduate with a BSN in December and want to move to California. Does anyone have advice/suggestions on finding a Critical Care Internship open to new graduates. Any information on nursing jobs is much appreciated.

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  3. by   Mgd8865
    I am also looking to relocate to California from Texas
    Specifically the LA area
    I did a google search and found several places
    and I also signed up for which has quite a few internships
    I also signed up for monster and career having more

    Good luck,
    would love to know where you plan on going in california
    I was very excited to find out that even though they are not a compact state that they do accept the same NCLEX
    WOOOHOOO, one less test to take
    I have did several interviews, and I am going out there after HESI, probably at the end of the month to do some face to face interviews