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Whacky. We work all 12s 7-7s. I've been doing nights since I started in June, and I like nights quite a bit. It really jives more with my personality. In the meantime, however, my family time... Read More

  1. by   CaLLaCoDe
    Quote from Sassybottom
    I am jealous. I would love to work days. Working nights has been so hard on my body and absolutely terrible for my waistline.

    My house is a disaster area and I haven't cooked a meal in a long time. Something needs to give or I am going to break down.
    I entirely feel for you! Working nights is taxing on the body and one's family. Thank goodness for differentials...but no time to spend it!

    Recently, our facility hired a new nurse manager for our floor. We have three new nurses that were to be kept on nights, supposedly. However, the new manager put them onto the day shift automatically without consulting with each night nurse to see if they would like to go onto days. I know I did not put my name on a list...however, to assume that all is well to put newbies onto days without a consultation is've gotta be kidding me!!!!