Needlestick- who pays for PPD therapy?? - page 2

When you get stuck with a needle and need PPD treatment... who pays for that?? The nurse who was stuck or the hospital they work for? Also...if the cost becomes too expensice to cover.. then what??... Read More

  1. by   woody62
    A needle stick, or any other type of injury you suffer, while at work in your facility, is generally a Workers Compensation injury. You may not decide to make a report, obtain and attorney, and sue. There is nothing to stop you from doing this but the likelihood of being successful is minimal. Who pays for the treatment depends on two things, your state's regulations concerning WC injuries and insurance. And your employer's agreement with their WC insurance provider, if they have one, there are such things as self insurance funds.

    Sorry for all the information but I get carried away when talking about WC. I spent ten years working as a major case major for a provide provider, here in Florida. And provided services to other states, who had injured workers relocate to Florida.