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I have found myself at a place in my life where I feel pretty hopeless, or at the very least, very very discouraged about my future in this profression. My first job as an RN was in 2008. I was hired... Read More

  1. by   Good Morning, Gil
    Your ex told you to "get a job or else?" Sounds mighty supportive. I bet're glad he's your ex . You deserve better than that!
  2. by   RNFiona
    Sometimes if you don't have anywhere else to go....perhaps its best to stay where you are...just sayin'
  3. by   RNFiona
    Also it seems like you have had a problem with every job you have ever had? What makes you think the grass is gonna be greener anywhere else you go? No job is perfect. If it's not one thing it's another. It also does not look good to potential employers to jump from specialty to specialty in such a short time
  4. by   PinkRocksLikeMe
    First of all I want to say I am so sorry to you for what you are dealing with in your home. I am going through the same thing and it is hard to come to work acting like everything is OK when you are dying inside, I was married 17 years, still am but about to be divorced. The way you were fired was horrible and again I am sorry for that. But, you do not need to ask what you would be good at, you would be good at anything you wanted to do, your self confidence is so low right now and I think that is why you ask that, I am here if you need to talk. Keep your chin up, know you are a good woman and a good nurse!!
  5. by   leslie :-D
    wow, the beginning of your nsg career really did damage to your well as your ex's betrayal against you.
    no matter you're feeling so insecure, and i'm sorry.

    i'm glad you found a job where you've excelled.
    i would suggest writing a pro/con list for your current job, and any prospectivce job you interview at.
    as you've learned, nursing can be very backstabbing...
    which shocks the hell out of nurses, the first time they witness/experience it.
    you need to pull yourself by the bootstraps and rally forward.
    nothing or no one is going to remove the insecurity, but yourself.
    i give myself dopeslaps all the time.
    (sometimes i hit back, though...heh...don't do that.)

    you have good, solid experience...
    be proud of what you've accomplished in these past few years.
    and come here for support (and dopeslaps).
    time to kick some a$$, woman.

  6. by   Guttercat
    I was "let go" from a position very early on in my career. The two managers were constantly on my case for reasons that to this day make no sense to me. I was a "yes sir/yes ma'am" shrinking violet back then.

    Very shortly after they railroaded me out, the both of them were fired. Ha!

    Sometimes it's not about you, it's about them. And, sometimes, it is about you. You can make your new career adventure less stressful by figuring out which of the two reasons pertains to your being let go. If you were at fault, then you learn from that too, and then put it behind you. Could be you were just too green, timid, and had too many obstacles personally and professionally at the time to really get in the groove.

    If also you did the best you could with what you were given to work with, in a non-supportive environment, then what's there to worry about anymore either?

    You know what you want now, what type of environment you as an individual flourish in, and have confidence in your skills.

    Give yourself some credit and go forth. You don't need our validation.
  7. by   Psychcns
    You have options...three years recent experience--all most employers want is two good references and recent experience. One time when I was ready to move on, I prepared an up to date resume and did one thing a week to get a new job. I circled ads in the paper, networked, and went on a lot of interviews...As far as the intrusive thoughts, they may come. People have suggested you label them. you could substitute an affirmation instead of something funny if that suits you better.." I am a safe, competent nurse." etc..looking for a new job is stressful--intrusive thoughts come when stressed-- but you are qualified. just treat each interview as a conversation--be prepared but interview them as well as be interviewed....all the best to you....
  8. by   emmanewgrad
    Follow your but feeling and make it happen. Your self esteem is down after all your personal and professional problems, avoid the pain , but recognize it. Be happy girl. They might make you their problem, but don't make yourself part of them. Let them live there own illusive self gratification. Live, laugh, and be happy. God bless.
  9. by   Bravekids
    Dear Imperialsugar...this is my first time on this site and I cannot tell when you first posted this so please forgive me if you posted it 5 yrs ago... I have been a nurse for a while and I think we should start looking into how many of us show the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome. To be blunt, I find the way some nurses and nurse managers treat their fellow co-workers and staff appalling. You have out-lined some sound ideas for wanting to broaden your experience and you have the time to examine the jobs that are available to you. Take your time and choose carefully and most of all give yourself credit for what you have been through, survived and overcome.
  10. by   DeborahK
    I am wondering if part of your angst in thinking about your next job (and the one you were fired from) is the idea that in-patient nursing is somehow more real nursing than a day surgery job or other out-patient roles. The higher the stress and acuity, the more real it feels to a lot of nurses. But that setting isn't a good fit for some people's personalities. We also need excellent nurses in clinics, visiting nurse jobs, school nursing, Early Intervention, diabetes education programs, etc--these primary care and preventative nursing roles combine care, teaching, program development, and call on a very different set of skills than acute care nursing. Different skills, not lesser ones. And fostering health--preventing illness--is every bit as valuable as fixing a medical problem once it hits. True, these jobs pay less, but if you can support yourself comfortably on your salary, why take a job that will stress you out and make you feel inadequate just because it pays better? Ask yourself what you like most in your current job, and what skills you most enjoy using, and then start looking for other positions that will be a good fit for you in those ways.
  11. by   xtxrn
    Quote from imperialsugar

    That being I asked I doomed because I was fired one time three years ago?


    People get 'let go' all the time for various reasons.
  12. by   DeborahK
    Are you doomed in what way? Doomed not to be offered another position? (You already were, right?) Doomed not to get past it emotionally? (That's in your hands--learn from it what you DON'T want in a nursing position.) If it comes up in an interview, practice an honest but simple and non-blaming explanation, such as "I wasn't able to get the orientation I needed as a new grad on that floor, in part because they had a large turnover of staff while I was orienting. However, I'm not a new grad anymore, and these are the skills I can offer you..."