need ICU LPN feedback URGENT

  1. Urgently need feedback from any LPN's working in ICU's. MY facility is actively trying to move us out. They have had an outside agency come in to try and improve profits, one of these measures supposedly is to change the staffing ratio to 90/10. Whatever that means.
    This group doesn't consider us whole nurses since we can;t do ivp's or hang blood. Please E-mail me if you are an ICU LPN, I am trying to gather ammo to fight this move. Any POSITIVE input is appreciated from others, BUT, I don't need negative comments from other licensed people.

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    I was an LPN in ICU for 10 years before becoming an RN. The nurses I worked with (all RNs) felt so comfortable with my knowlege and clinical skills that they allowed me autonomy to function independantly, and signed behind me when needed. Good nurses are too hard to find, and if you're good, then hang in there. Hospitals are learning more and more that agency and travelers are not the way to go long term, and if you hang in there, this too will pass. I now work in administration, and can tell you that if your director/nurse manager supports you, you will prevail! I went back to school to get my RN because of the money. I was doing the same work, but not getting paid for it. And I was poor and raising a family at the same time. So it can be done.