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    hey guys! i desperately need your advise, views, in put to my situation right now. i recently received my att..(authority to test) for the stateboard. and i feel im not ready. is this normal? i am not really studying intensely. just answering all the test questions in the c.d rom. i spend like 2 to 3 hours reading and answering. i've been studying for almost 3 months now. i'm not sure if i could pass the test, but i will try my very best.
    your tips or advises will be greatly appreciated. thanks for your help. take care and have a nice day.

    (love to be a nurse):kiss
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  3. by   researchrabbit
    Hi Charm...I have to say, you are studying a lot more than I did. And I passed the NCLEX.

    Studying never hurts! But it is important, if you get test anxiety, to deal with that; some deep breathing exercises and meditation might help you out a lot.

    Good luck on the test!
  4. by   ancella marie
    My friends who took the exam advised me to answer as many test questions I can to develop test-taking strategies and to know my strengths and weaknesses.
    Practicing for 2 to 3 hours is quite an achievement. By now you know more or less where you stand.
    The trend now is more on delegation, prioritization, and triage nursing.
    I wish you the best of luck
    Let us know, ok?:wink2: