Need advise R/T Homeschooling and Nursing school LONG!!

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    I think that I need to do this but don't want to screw up my nursing chances either. PLEASE tell me what you think good or bad. I must decide by the end of the school year.

    Thanks for reading this!!

    Hi all,

    I have a major problem and I need some advise

    I have 4 children, ages 17 [daughter], 13, 12, and 9 [sons].

    My 13 y/o [Josh] is in the 5th grade. He had severe dyslexia and didn't learn to read until this time last year. I called his school in January to see about having him tested for gifted, but they refused. The principal told me that he is where he needs to be.

    On his first report card he made the Honor roll!! 1st time ever!! I was happy and so was Josh. Problems started shortly there after. He grades fell and he had no homework. I asked what was going on and he said he got it done in school.

    Here are his grades for this yr. so far:

    Conduct: A A A

    Work and study habits: A- B B

    Reading: A B C
    [Reading level 5th grade] This is bull. He is reading my nursing books!!

    Language: A- B B-

    Spelling: B- C+ B-

    Handwritng: U U U [unsatisfactory]

    Math: A- C B

    Social Studies: B B- B+

    Science/Health: B+ A- B-

    He also passed ISTEP. State required test for the 5th grade. He took it in the FALL before having any instruction in 5th grade!!

    When I asked him why his grades went down, he told me he was bored. So I started testing him at home to see if he was telling the truth. He is reading my Maternal and newborn nursing book. I thought he was looking at the pictures of naked ladies. I mean after all he is a boy. He also reads my A & P book and my Med/Surg book.

    When I asked about math he said he had the assignments done before the class period was over. So I tested his math skills on He passed 6th grade math and 7th grade math with flying colors!!! He can do things I didn't even know what they were. Probibility jumps out.

    In Science, he is reading Apollo 13, plus all my nursing and A & P books. In Social Studies, he has read so many biographies, I can't keep track.

    My son wants me to homeschool him. I have done this before but I wasn't in school. I put them all in school 2 yrs. before I started back.

    I already have his math program arranged. He will take ALEKS. It is a computer program similar to Deep Blue. It is NOT a game and it teaches and tutors from arthmetic all the way through College physics. Here is the link if anyone else is interested:

    Now to my schedule for Next Fall:

    I am taking Peds the first 8 weeks and my hours are as follows, [this is also my med/surg 2 schedule]:

    Monday Lecture 1-150
    Tuesday no class
    Wednesday: 1-2:50 lecture and 3.30-5.20
    Thursday: 8-2.50 clinical
    Friday: 1-2.50 Lecture

    My husband works nights and will be home with Josh every day except Thursday. He should be home at about 9 am.

    Josh has a mustache and is really developing. The principal said to just keep bolstering his self-esteem. He will be in 8th grade and will be able to DRIVE!! if we stay on the PS shedule.] The principal said that the corp. doesn't advance student unless they have been pulled out of the corp. [i.e. homeschooled] Then when Josh comes back they will place him with his peers [8th grade].

    I am just frustrated and overwhelmed and need to know what you think. Can I do this? Will it cause me major problems with my classes? I can't just ignore Josh. He is losing his mind r/t boredem. To make matters worse his 12 y/o brother is also in 5th grade.

    He basically told me that he just quit trying. His exact words were: "Mom, why should I try to do better when I KNOW it won't matter?"

    He wants to be an OB Dr. and already knows that he is looking at 12 yrs after HS. But he said that by the time he graduates high school he could have had 2 yrs of college under his belt.

    Am I crazy for attempting to do this? My heart is telling me to do it. I can't have my son failing to reach his goal because my schooling got in his way. I am a Mom first and then a nurse.

    Thanks for your advise and for reading this.
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  3. by   memphispanda
    Would you be homeschooling just the one child? If so, I think that is definitely possible. I would spend my time during the summer preparing schedules and such so that will be taken care of before fall semester starts. If he is able to do self-guided study for most things, that is a huge plus--you should be able to spend at least 30 minutes-1 hour daily going over things with him from looking at your schedule and go on from there. If there are classes he needs more assistance with you can probably find help in your homeschooling association.
  4. by   christinemj
    Karen -

    It is completely possible! We are also a homeschooling family. Right now my 6 year old is the only child "required" to be schooled... (she meets the state age requirement).... but, the other 2 are always "right there" and want to be involved in learning also.

    I have school 3 full days per week... (and, of course, need to study another 100 hours per week. But, we manage. My husband (or MIL) stays with the kids while I'm at school, so they do some educational activities with the kids, and I fill in the rest of the blanks when I'm home. We "do school" year-round because we have time limitations right now while I'm in school.

    Obviously your son isn't getting what he needs from the school district. If you've homeschooled before, you already know what's're way ahead of the game. He seems to be rather self-directed and already has goals and desires for his future. You may find that he needs minimal direction from you. And... I'd expect him to exceed your expectations because he will have the luxury of time to be able to pursue areas that INTEREST *HIM.*

    Yes, it will take a little bit more planning to make this all work with nursing school... BUT.. it CAN work. Good Luck!!