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sorry this is going to be long. i started a new job about 6 weeks ago----and hated it from the beginning. i had to stay until my husband's employment got going. The other day i went in and just... Read More

  1. by   ianurse
    thanks to everyone who gave advice. first, i should have mentioned that the day i left i did not take report, clock in, or even have patients assigned. i called after reading everyone's email---and oh course got voice mail. i simply left a message stating that i had rather not mention why i left (especially over voicemail) and that we did not need to discuss anything else since i didn't clock in. unfortunately, the calls have not stopped- i got one today and they refused to leave a message with my husband. i am at a loss of what to do next----i even got a call last week at around 450 in am. what do you suggest next, and if i do per chance talk with them----do you really think i owe them an explanation of anything. my name tag was turned into human resources the same day!!! also, if they try to take this to state board---i mean what can be done since i didn't clock in.
  2. by   Youda
    If the person who is calling you is a nurse (LPN or RN), I would immediately file a complaint against their license. Keep a record of when the calls came in, who the person spoke with (your husband), what was said, etc. This is "unprofessional" behavior and so it is against your state's nurse practice act. It is these folks that need to start worrying about their license, not you!

    The complaint to the BON will need to be in writing, and as far as I know, a special form is not required (although most do have a form you can fill out).

    It's time to get real assertive here. Their behavior and continued harrassment is unacceptable. Time to start fighting back. If you don't choose to do that, then the only other suggestion I have is to get caller-ID and don't answer the phone when they call. Eventually they'll get tired of it. But if it were me, I'd start getting mad about now. Please keep us updated!
  3. by   Youda
    By the way, to answer your question: they can take it to the state board. Anyone can file about anything, including whether or not your shoelaces were tied properly. The question is whether or not anything will come of it. If you did not clock in, did not take report, then don't worry about it. It is not abandonment until you assume responsibility for the patients (receiving report). Although many employers now days try to scare nurses into thinking otherwise. If you still have doubts, just call your State Board. They'll tell you the same thing, though.
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