Nclex Retake

  1. Hello to all nurses,

    I just took boards this week and found out I did not pass. I know that this happens to alot of new grads. I am just curious as to how many new grads? Also for those of you who had to retake the exam what did you do to pass and did you pass the second time?

    Tell you what I did. I studyed and took a review course and I felt fairly comfortable going into the test. I took 187 questions and was below passing in only one area the other areas were near passing.

    Any advice would be helpful.

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  3. by   JacelRN
    Hello tsgarman,

    I just wanted to reply to tell you I just posted my own thread about failing my first test. I took my test Thursday and got results on Saturday. I was, and am still licking my wounds. I just wanted to reach out and say you are not alone as I very much felt as well. Its good to know one is not alone.

    If you need anything in the next few months, as I assume you and I will both be repreparing, just send a message my way.

    Hang in there, we'll do it next time!

  4. by   tsgarman
    Thanks for the moral support. It is nice to know I am not alone.

    Same goes for me on needing anything.

  5. by   Jhen
    Hi! I also just received my official result yesterday indicating that I failed.
    It is really so devastating expecially to my mom, since my dad didn't know it yet. I myself didn't know how to tell the news to my dad. But then I decided to enter the review center starting on Monday, January 15. Good luck to all of us on our retake! Though I really still feel weak at this moment, my self-esteems is low as well, actually now I'm not sure about myself capabilities..