Nashville State Community College Nursing Program Interview Process

  1. I have applied to the fall 2018 program, is there anyone who has gone through the interview process and if so, please explain it!
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  3. by   Tvenza
    Hi Maleigha97! Did you receive letter for interview? I've applied too but did not receive any letter from them and I am thinking that I wasn't selected fir interview or it is still early for their response?
  4. by   Maleigha97
    I have not yet received a letter, and everyone else I've spoken to has not received anything yet as well, I believe they might start sending them out this week since it's now April. What was your GPA and TEAS score?
  5. by   Tvenza
    Ok, good may be I still have chance, my GPA is 3.4 and on TEAS I made basic 60, what about yours? Do you have any clue what interview is going to be about?
  6. by   Maleigha97
    I have a 3.1 GPA and proficient on the TEAS. I have no idea about the interview process but I wish I did, that's what has me nervous the most!
  7. by   abidoo
    I received a letter for the interview as well. Does anyone know how many applicants get called back for an interview? Good luck to everyone!
  8. by   Kradley
    When did you receive your letter? Also, have you completed all of your prerequisites?
  9. by   Maleigha97
    When exactly did you get your letter and what is your gpa and teas score?
  10. by   Tvenza
    Congratulations! I received a letter as well! What date you have been assigned for the interview?
  11. by   Maleigha97
    When did you receive your letter and when is your interview? Tvenza
  12. by   abidoo
    I received mine today.. and yes I've completed all the prerequisites.
  13. by   abidoo
    My interview date is April 26
  14. by   Kradley
    Congratulations! Good luck on your interview!