1. I am considering and would really like to go back for my MSN. What are some career opportunites with this degree aside from NP and CRNA? I am particularly interested in opportunities in rural areas.
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    Hi girlnurse. There are a number of graduate nurses that post on this bb. Hopefully, when they get a chance, they will answer you. I have been looking into some MSN programs as well. I have found that there are two types of graduate nurses at the master's level-a nurse practitioner and a clinical nurse specialist. Most of the NPs I know work in primary care. Some are administrators or educators. The CNS I know of work in the hospital setting like critical care, research, or education. I have noticed that there has been some debate among these graduate level nurses as with the different LPN and RN degrees on role distinction. I think one solution being used is to call graduate nurses advanced practice nurses. As far as I know, only certain associations like the ANA are applying those terms, because most graduate nurses I know still refer to themselves as a NP or CNS. Let me know if you decide to do distance learning, on-line, or conventional. Best wishes.