Moving to N. Florida-Salaries???

  1. Hi to all who can help me out here.
    Will be relocating to Live Oak, Florida in Aug 03. I am a recent grad who has been working in a rural community hosptial, where we are the NURSE for everyting...OB, ER, ICU, Trauma, pre/post op., Amb surgery besides medical records, ward secretary etc.etc. you get the picture. I work 12 hour shifts now, and am looking to cut back to 32-36 hrs, as I am starting my own business on the side. I currently make $ 18.50/hr with shift diff for weekend, noc, holidays. Before nursing I did Physical therapy for 12 years, most of it in Home health and loved it.
    I currently find myself most interested in ER, ICU, PACU/Amb.
    I am interested in salaries for these positions
    Home health $ per visit?
    in the North Florida/south Ga area.
    I have interviews scheduled in the following cities:
    Lake city, FL
    Perry, Fl
    Jasper, FL
    Gainesville, Fl
    Valdosta, GA
    Thanks for any info you can pass my way.
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  3. by   NicuNsg
    I am in the Jacksonville area, critical care wages are 17.25/hr. starting salary for new RN's. I would look strongly in the Gainesville area, out of all your choices. Shands' would give you ALOT of experience, especially critical care. I wish you the best of luck, WELCOME TO FLORIDA!!!!!!!!!! You will love it! Keep us posted on your decision. :-)