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We are sufferring a great, miserable pit of low morale and motivation within my department at work. Theres not enough ancillary staff, nurses are quitting, we are adjusting to about 4 new attending... Read More

  1. by   MPHkatie
    We actually do a lot of the pot luck nights, posters for everyones weddings, new babies, tons of outside showers. We all look forward to one nurses summer and christmas parties, and about 25 of us went out together for a baseball game, but we still have this low morale AT work. We make a good team, but the entire team seems to be depressed and irritable. It hasn't changed too much. We had a union battle a few years ago that scared off anyone who wanted to work at our hospital. Admin actually gave out back pay last year, but this year, with the stock market doing so raises no bonuses. no nothing, I believe its time for the union to make a comback and this time, I think it wins big time. I like the flower idea, but our staff is about 58% male, so maybe something else. But i think I can definitely use several of these ideas....