Montefiore SON and Cochrane SON fall 2018

  1. I applied for both of these schools for the fall, I am currently studying for the Kaplan exam I have it next week 4/27 for Montefiore. And the one for Cochrane on 5/16.
    I am basically desperate to get into a nursing school. I was previously in a nursing school and was dismissed because I was not able to pass to pass a class. I was devastated, I have worked for nursing school for years and I could not believe I failed by 0.1 points. But as many of you know that's just nursing school.
    I've tried applying to other schools but many don't take you if you've been dismissed from a previous nursing program. And my other problem is that my cumulative GPA is 2.75 so a bsn program is not really an option at this point (I had no idea what I was when I started college and wasn't really sure I would economically be able to get myself thru school, I was on and off from school and transferred a couple of times). My nursing GPA is 3.1 which gives me a better chance at an associate degree program.

    I'm so nervous about the Kaplan exam, I have taken the TEAS test and got an 85 last time I took it, but Im not sure about the Kaplan. And Im just scared they'll take into consideration the fact That I was dismissed from a program previously .

    Im just sharing hoping I could share this with other students, and hoping to hear some feedback from students who currently attend the schools/ have similar situations or whatever lol.... anything helps!!
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