Million Nurse March

  1. We need to have a March!!! We need to be Marching everywhere.. Everyone keeps talking about joining our state nurses organizations. Let's look at he history of these organizations.Over the last ten (10) years they haven't done anything for the nurses they say they represent.They tend to try and push legislation geared twords the effects of things instead of the cause. Take for example needle stick legislation.That's wonderful!! The true story is that if the nurse wasn't overtaxed and had a minute to spend with the patient,there wouldn't be a needle stick problem. You worry about legislation to protect the nurses against mistakes that have alredy been made. How about fixing the staffing shortages so that a nurse gets a minute to think with a clear mind about what he or she is doing so that they don't make the mistake in the first place. Todays nursing associations are running around like dogs chasing thier own tails.You continue propose laws for what has happened in the past. How about showing some vision and help pass legislation for the future. Pull your head out of the sand and look around. We need a march just like the civil rights movement needed a march!! The conditions are far worse out there. Nurses fear for thier jobs and therefore stay in the dark. Whistle blowers are fired everyday.That keeps everyone QUIET!!! Stand with other nurses in unity an show that we're not going to take this treatment and abuse anymore !!!!!
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