Midnight Nurse VS Dayshift Nurse (who's better?)

  1. I am a dayshift nurse (for 3 yrs. now) whom worked midnights for 8 yrs. When I came to dayshift I was welcomed. After about several weeks, I noticed the attitudes of most midnight nurses vs dayshift nurses. Dayshift asked me(since I had worked midnights) why midnights seem to hate or talk about dayshift terribly. That they always seemed to act like they are better nurses. Things were being said like;; Dayshift doesn't have half the work we do. Wrong; Now that I have been on dayshift Days stays busy most of the time. Maybe sometimes early morning we do have some down time. I think they really get upset when nights have to come into a mess at 1900, of course this seems to be one of our busiest times. and NO, we can't always have the ER cleared up for you as you would like. But of course to them we are just not as fast as they are on taking care of pts. I'm I wrong? I would just like to know if this problem is just where I work or if its elsewhere.

    I dont ever remember saying anything about dayshift. Maybe it's a personality conflict

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