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  1. I am a new subscriber and an Australian. I wonder do you have any Medical Imaging (x-ray) nursing groups who also subscribe ? We seem to be a minority group, but as I've been in this field for nearly a decade, I wonder why, as we seem to be doing more, and getting a lot busier. We are never included in the general sub-grouping for nursing, such as Critical Care, Emergency nurses etc. It seems to be a commonly misunderstood/underrated field. Does anyone agree ???
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  3. by   MWS
    Dear Chris, This seems to be the case here
    in the USA also,but in some states more than others. Our large medical centers have larger
    radiology departments requiring more nurses
    and they make themselves known. Some of our radiology departments have one or two nurses
    and if they don't keep involved with nursing
    they are lost to the mainstream. We have a
    national organization, arna, american radiological nurses association. e-mail: This association has been working to change the current attitudes.
    There is now a certification exam one can take and get nationally accredited. They publish a magazine called IMAGES. This magazine carries articles related to the various fields of radiology and gives excellent educational topics, what's going on in radiology around the country. The editor is Linda Strangio. We would love to here about your world of Radiology.