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Hey everyone, I am Jacem, a 23 year old female nursing student. I will receive my bachelors in May 2010.:spin: I was recommended this website by another user, "End Game RN". She has been a nurse for... Read More

  1. by   Koperen
    I also went to nursing school after suffering a severe closed head injury. My sequelae have been rather poor short term memory, occasional balance problems and Wernicke's aphasia when i get tired (which can be quite embarrassing). I ended up working in Rehab where I found myself in a unique position. The families of head injured patients usually have a hard time understanding what is happening. I was able to give them some idea of what their loved one was going through. It was amazing to see how often they relaxed after I had talked to them. You could see the wheels turning in their heads - "she had a brain injury and she looks fine now, maybe there is hope".

    Now, about neurosurgeons - as a general rule, what jerks! They love to tell patients you'll NEVER to this, that or the other again. I heard it all the time from the patients coming into rehab. They were usually no more than a month out from their injury which is too soon to make any such sweeping pronouncements. Fortunately, the physiatrists who worked in the rehab setting didn't take the "never" approach to things.
  2. by   JACEM715
    It is comforting to hear of someone who has gone through a similar situation and been so successful. I hope to work in a place where my story could inspire others as well.

    Also I wanted to clarify that it is the neuro-rehabilitation doctor that I had problems with. NOT my neurosurgeon. My neurosurgeon was amazing, not just with me but with all his patients and coworkers, a saint really. He always encourage me to go back to school, and told me I was a miracle.