Mandatory Hep B testing

  1. i am a travel rn. on most jobs i have to either accept hep b vacination, prove previous vacinnation/titer, or document that i decline the vacine. i know that this is an osha requirement. in essense my job is require to offer it to me. that is my understanding of teh law. i have a positive titer so it has never been an issue. my latest assignemnt wants not only a positive titer but a neg hep b surface antigen titer and a neg hep b core antibody. the only uses for these tests is documenting a lack of an active or resolving hep b infection.
    the only way to pass hep b to a patient i am taking care of is through me expossing them to my blood or having sexual contact with my patient. neither are a reality. it seems alot like mandatory hiv testing for employment (which i was pretty sure was illegal).
    i contacted the us equal oppurtunity employment agency. they started that is is legal as long as they test all new employes with my job description. i guess it is not descrimination if they do it to everyone.
    i do not have hep b and have an active immunity. just seems very illegal. any ideas or better contacts about this woudl be appreciated. next step is talking to aclu. i think they might know.

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  3. by   GardenDove
    I think you should take it to the ACLU. I don't believe in forced vaccinations, period, and I believe healthcare workers should have a total right to make their own choices about their own healthcare, just like everyone else.
  4. by   jimthorp
    It's further testing they're after not getting vaccination.
  5. by   GardenDove
    Why would someone's Hep B status be relevent? Pt's aren't starting IVs on nurses, it's the opposite. Rather, they should start testing pts then! We are not a threat to0 them with bloodborne disease, the opposite is true.
  6. by   zacarias
    Wow, Jimmy you might be on to something big here. The travel company must not not realize they're requiring. They're no way they need to hep B status. I'm sure... Anyway, ACLU can clear it up. I think the EOE is off base. Would they then that if the company checked EVERYONE for HIV it's OK???

    Keep us posted.