Making mistakes at work - page 2

I just started my first nursing job about 4.5 months ago on a very busy med-surg unit. I know everyone makes mistakes, nobody is perfect, but I feel like I'm making too many mistakes!! I made a few... Read More

  1. by   heartbeep
    you guys, thank you for all of this great stuff. I'm just working a regular office job right now and was feeling so bad about myself! I was inconsolable! Gosh I'm hard on myself. I go in to work every day intending on stellar work, but sometimes despite my best efforts I fail; thought I lost a client today. Plus, PMS and allergies. It was obviously not one of my best days. My hats off to you, striving for perfection every day to give great, safe care to your patients.
  2. by   grayrsvp
    I have been in nursing for 25 years. I have made 3 med errors that I felt were Astounding that they occured, How did I do that? Simple, having too much distraction, too many people talking to me, the list can go on and on. I am a people pleaser so always jumping thru hoops to make everyone around OK.
    So these mistakes almost took me out of nursing, and make me second guess myself to the point I make even more mistakes. My best advice, Slow down, don't let people pressure you, do the best you can and just remember, You're Human. God Bless Nurses