Making a Difference -- Helping dizzy patients

  1. I work for an RN who started a balance clinic about 3-4 years ago. I'm amazed at the number of people she has not only tested for balance problems,but actually HELPED. She says many of her patients have told her they had suffered for years and could not get any help from any doctor, but she was able to give them back their lives in just one or two therapy sessions - with no drugs. In fact, she was able to cure them and they no longer needed Antivert. She has found this to be so reqarding, both emotionally
    AND financially, she asked me to post this message and let other nurses know about it. (She said she would be glad to talk with any nurse who was interested). Since I've heard the patient testimonials and actually seen
    the results in my own family, I also feel very strongly that the testing and therapy should be more readily available. After all, aren't there a lot of people out there with falling problems and dizziness and balance
    disorders that need help?
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